Our high efficiency wood burning stoves range from contemporary to traditional, steel to cast iron and British to Scandinavian.  Our Salisbury and Winchester showroom sales team will guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate stove to suit your needs.   The size of woodburning or multifuel stove you need can be affected by: the size of the room the layout of the room and your home (for example, if the room you want the stove in is open plan) the size of the windows and whether you have double glazing if the room has insulation of any kind, such as wall or cavity insulation and the age of the property. Every home and fireplace installation is different, and there are a number of factors that affect what woodstove you may need - from the size of your home to what chimney you have. We will carry out a survey before installation to ensure you get the best stove to suit your needs.  Within a few days of the site fireplace survey we will send you a quote and we can usually install within a month of giving us the go-ahead. When you visit the showroom please bring a photo of the fireplace and the chimney and this will enable us to give you a good idea of the installation costs. If you do not have a chimney - no problem and we can install a Twin Wall Flue System through the property.


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